Site News: No More Blank Spaces, AdSense Units Back

Finally. After a little of two weeks of having large spaces here and there, Google has finally brought back the ad units for LifeSpy.

After the long wait of knowing why the heck the ad units weren’t showing, Google informed us that it’s because of the “mature” content that we had on the site. As a compromise, we took down all the posts that mentioned “s*x” and “p*rn.”

For those of you still interested on these articles (if you stumbled on a link somewhere pointing you to some of them), you may contact us, as we have local copies of those. But in any case, we’ve seemed to have appeased the Google AdSense gods and we’re now back in business. As a precaution, we’ve also added a “NSFW” category just in case.

Three Traveling Tips


We haven’t really written a lot of tips for travelers so we decided to create a short series on traveling tricks.

When you pack your bags whether to explore new sights or just to relax your senses by surrounding yourself with a different culture, you should know how to make your travel a vacation you will never forget. But when hassles come as soon as you reach the airport, how can you look forward to having the vacation you need? We give you pointers and reminders on how to make your travel the best yet.

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Tech News: Firefox is Out

My Firefox browser notified me again that it needs to restart to install version I was really expecting that the next time I’ll be installing a new version of Firefox will be with Firefox 3 Beta but it seems that Mozilla is patching a few security loopholes with this

Yup, and there’s all there is to it. It’s just plugging a couple of issues with this release. You can view the release notes for more detail.

We just have to wait for Firefox 3 for new bells and whistles.

Download Mozilla Firefox here.

How to Find the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


Styling your hair differently may be able to bring out some of your face’s better features (Hey, let’s face it. Not everyone’s born flawless). Sometimes, styling can even make you a lot sexier. If you think you’ve tried everything on your hair, resolving to ponytail it as long as you live, you might just be having problems matching your hairstyle with the shape of your face. How do you plan to look awesome and sexy if you’re stuck with your scrunchy anyway? Here are some ideas.

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How to Prevent Colon Cancer

Doctor Apple

Colon cancer happens when there is malignancy in the lower portion of the intestinal tract. The risks of getting this illness increase with age. Some of the foods you eat can cause you this harm if you don’t keep it balanced. While there really isn’t any surefire way to prevent colon cancer 100%, you may at least try to prevent it from coming and lessen your risk of getting it. Fight colon cancer and prevent it before it comes.

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Firefox Quick Tip: Make Firefox Your Screensaver

I wouldn’t know if a lot of people would be interested in this, but hey, some of you just might. It’s an extension that turns your idle Firefox browser into a screensaver by displaying wholesome and hand-picked pictures from the Web to display on your computer. Here’s what their site has to say about the features.

  • Turns Your FireFox into screensaver
  • New pictures everyday
  • Easily toggle on/off
  • Full Screen if FireFox is maximized

Interested? Download Foxsaver here.

Via Firefox Facts

Tech News: YouTube to Use Anti-piracy Tools

Google probably wants to stop all the headaches (lawsuits) that came with their acquisition of YouTube. Imagine acquiring buying something for $1.65 B and getting slapped with a lawsuit amounting to $1 B afterwards. Remember Viacom? Well, that’s what happened so it’s pretty much understandable why Google is just intent on developing an anti-piracy tool.

During a hearing of the Viacom vs. Google case, a Google attorney has cited that Google is indeed working on a tool that would foil piracy with video recognition. While schedule of implementation of this technology is still sketchy, it might be anywhere from September to the year’s end. As for how it works:

The video recognition technology will allow copyright owners to provide a digital fingerprint that within a minute or two will trigger a block from YouTube whenever someone tries to upload a copyright video without permission, the AP [Associated Press] reported.

I’m curious on how all of this will eventually pan out. One of the appeals of YouTube to the public is video piracy. While we all know it’s bad, there’s a real appeal to getting things for free. Google clarifies that this technology isn’t a filter that would block uploaders. It will be more of an automated flagging system. Oh well. That would mean that still, even for a short while, renegade videos will still get some Web time.

Via ComputerWorld

How to Prevent Constipation


Here’s another one on tummy troubles. If you are having problems going number 2 (if the bad stuff just doesn’t want to be purged), you may be suffering from constipation. Lack of exercise and a low in fiber diet cause difficult or infrequent bowel movements that could be as rare as less than three times a week. Again, we emphasize that there’s probably nothing better than consulting with your doctor. But in any case, here are some tips on aiding you with your problem.

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How to Get a Different Look with Your Old Basics


The problem with everyday clothing is that you can’t repeat an outfit too soon. I know a lot of friends who are quire conscious about this, even keeping a clothes diary just to make sure they don’t repeat any set of clothes. An amazing thing about my sister is that she doesn’t seem to repeat clothes at all even if she only has a small wardrobe. Not that it’s packed with clothes but she’s just a mix and match wiz. Here are some tips on how to get a different (or new) look from your basics.

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