How to Lose that Bloating Feeling in Your Tummy


Speaking of recipes. Eating a lot can have its downsides once in a while. Ever got that bloating feeling? Bloating has several possible causes. It could either be a problem with your food digestion, or it could be a buildup of gas in your stomach. The best thing for you to do is to call your doctor. But until you can, we give you ways on how you can help yourself lose that bloating feeling.

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How to Make Mango-Coconut Rice Pudding

Mango Coconut Pudding

Tired of those run-off-the-mill desserts? Eating dollops of ice cream all day? Or perhaps fruits with globs of whipped cream. Instead of looking for other desserts to buy, why not try whipping up a new taste for your whole family? Here’s something with a really tropical treat – mangos, coconut and rice in one delicious dessert.

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YouTube Raid: How to Create a Lemon Battery

For some reason, doing kiddie science projects can be fun for adults. Ever done one of those off-the-shelf science lab kits with your kids. You’d be amazed at times that even the simplest activities in science can be entertaining.

Ever did one of these lemon battery experiments as a kid? It’s simply cutting a lemon, inserting a zinc-coated galvanized nail (-) and a copper penny (+). Hook it up with wires with gator clips. Around two lemons connected in series can light up a flashlight bulb.

Better yet, view the video:

Tech News: Microsoft Ships 60 Million Copies of Windows Vista

As always, Billy Gates is out for global conquest. And he wants to keep hold of his control over computers worldwide by pimping his new OS to every new PC user. They are now expecting to reach a milestone of one billion by the end of a year’s time.

Now here’s one story I failed to mention when I purchased this notebook. While I was given a choice on which OS to put, it was pretty much a no-brainer decision. I could get Linux for free (Duh! Like they will still charge me for FOSS). Or I could get XP Professional for an additional price. Or I could get Vista Home Basic for free together with my memory upgrade. I was dead sure I was getting an upgrade so I’m practically getting Vista Home Basic for free. Turns out, that XP Professional can probably kick Vista Home Basic’s lame ass any day. But who would want to pay extra, right?

But Microsoft still intends to bundle Vista together with the new PCs and that’s probably the best way for them to sell, in a marketeer’s perspective that is. But wouldn’t that heavily influencing the customer’s choice? Since there’s a notion that anything “bundled” is free, people would definitely bite into getting Vista-powered PCs.

It has been six months since Vista was launched globally. Microsoft says that they’ve already shipped out 60 million copies of the darned OS. And one of those 60 million would definitely be that bundle of CDs labeled Windows Vista Home Basic stored somewhere in my pile of installers.

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Site News: No More “Mature” Content

For our loyal readers, you might have noticed the absence of Adsense units on LifeSpy for the past weeks. It’s not that we have scrapped Adsense (the code is still there) but the ads just won’t show up. Tough for us since Adsense is the primary monetization avenue that we have on this site. We had notified Google about it and apparently they’ve flagged our site for “adult” content.

Uhm, okay. We’ve written a lot of stuff about the adult movie industry and its contribution to the high-definition video wars and a few on intimacy tips. But we’re pretty sure we haven’t featured anything that technically qualifies as hardcore. Probably we shouldn’t have used the common four-letter or three-letter words a lot on this site.

In any case, to be back in Google’s good graces, we might have to do away with those things for now. So if you are trying to search our archives for all of those posts containing the four-letter word for “adult entertainment” and the three-letter word for “physical intimacy,” we had taken them down. Rest assured we have kept local copies of these articles just in case some of you are looking for them for reference and research. We’ve had a pretty decent number of linkbacks especially on the debate on the high-definition wars.

So please, Google, bring our ad units back!

Firefox Quick Tip: Check Why Your Page Loads Slowly with YSlow


Jumping into code development is Yahoo! and here’s an interesting release from them – YSlow. It’s a Firefox add-on that uses the Firebug extension to check, based on several criteria, how slow a page loads.

It adds a YSlow tab to Firebug that shows different information about the page. You can check the performance (which shows a grade based on the criteria), stats (which show cache and cookie consumption), components (which shows CSS images and content images), and a few tools. The button nests on the status bar for access.

By experience a lot of pages would surely score low with this one. My personal site got an F. LifeSpy got a grade of F. Lifehacker got an F. Digg also got an F. F-grade slowness all around!

Here’s what’s interesting. Yahoo!’s homepage scores a 97 (A) and Google’s search page scores a 96 (A). But Google’s search page is a mere 14Kb as opposed to Yahoo!’s 106.6Kb. How come, YSlow doesn’t consider size as a large factor. Bias, anyone?

Health News: Obesity Can Be “Contagious”


In the news, BBC reports that US research has shown that having obese people around you (like your spouse, sibling, or friend) elevates the chance of that person to get obese. The statistics reveal amazing results.

Out of the 12,000 people surveyed:

…risk was increased by 57% if a friend was obese, by 40% if a sibling was and 37% if a spouse was.

Hmm… So friends are more influential to your diet that your spouse, huh? Experts elaborate this:

It’s not that obese or non-obese people simply find other similar people to hang out with. Rather, there is a direct, causal relationship. What appears to be happening is that a person becoming obese most likely causes a change of norms about what counts as an appropriate body size. People come to think that it is OK to be bigger since those around them are bigger, and this sensibility spreads.

7 Tips on Making Quick and Healthy Meals

Tuna Sandwich

Every meal should be balanced and healthy. But when you don’t have the time to whip up a real meal, do you end up munching on a cracker? If you want to be healthy, but you simply don’t have the time it usually takes, then you’ll need to learn these quick-cook tips. Start with an organic cereal which is rich in certified organic and heart-friendly ingredients. But for lunch, try these meals.

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