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In the News: Bill Gates is Number Two

After more than a decade of being the richest man in the world, Bill Gates is now relegated to the number two spot. The new guy – Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican tycoon. By the latest estimates of total assets, Slim is now worth $67.8 B which places him ahead of former number two Warren Buffet, and even richer than …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tips: Download Embedded Videos with UnPlug

A long while back, we featured VideoDownloader, an add-on that lets you save YouTube videos as FLV files. Now it was good for its function but it never did anything more than just that. Going back to the business of embedded videos, we figured it’s time to feature a newer video downloading add-on that does more than just parse for …Continue reading →

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Download: Backup a Blogger Blog with Blogger Backup

Bloggers on Blogger rejoice! Here’s one thing that can help you with your backup woes. If you’ve been happily blogging for quite sometime, you may have amassed so much material that you probably want to keep offline copies (you know, just in case something goes horribly wrong with Google). In any case, Blogger Backup, is an open-source utility that lets …Continue reading →

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From the Tech Support Guy: Safe Operating Temperature Ranges for Core 2 Duo ASUS Laptops

And I thought my laptop’s CPU was burning. I recently purchased an ASUS laptop (yeah, notebook is the new school term) and I’ve been writing about my reservations about running it on Vista. But I’m stuck with it since it came with the laptop. Now the specs of the laptop is pretty decent for a “mobility” model. It runs on …Continue reading →

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Firefox Quick Tip: Validate Web Pages with Total Validator

Since today’s Web is gearing toward standardization via Web standards and being a bit more humane with considerations for accessibility. If you’re a web developer/designer then validation is one of your true friends that help you “get things right.” However, while the W3C website offers a free validation service, it does have certain limitations like type checking. Web service, Total …Continue reading →

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Small Business Tip: When to Press the Panic Button

Businesses, no matter how small or large, have a tendency to hit a slump. What’s more alarming is when the company starts heading toward bankruptcy. However, owner pride oftentimes clouds judgment and this only worsens the problem. Acknowledging the problem is usually the first step toward a turnaround. Otherwise, you’re just risking all your work to go kaput.

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3 Tips on Decorate Your Lawn by Yourself

I’m a lawn kind of guy. When I’ll be hunting for a home (when it’s time for me to settle down), I’d probably opt for a piece of real estate that has a lawn. Not necessarily a sprawling one but just a nice patch of green where children and pets could run about. However, getting a spiffy landscaped lawn would …Continue reading →

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3 Tips to a More Productive Week

After a hard day’s work in the office, you realize you still have an appointment later in the night when you’d rather be at home sleeping. Why not do away with these hassles for a change and see how it changes your life?

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Firefox Quick Tip: Screen Capture Full Web Page with Screengrab!

If you’re a blogger or reviewer, taking screencaps can be a real chore. That is, if you don’t invest on a good screen capturing software. Of the ones I’ve tried, Techsmith’s SnagIt is my favorite. However, you have to pay around $40 for it. Firing up Photoshop (or GIMP) can really slow you down too and that Print Screen button …Continue reading →

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How Not to Be a Bitch

So you want to be a saint… Every bitch arrives to a point in her life where you just want to be nice to everyone. If you don’t agree to the previous sentence you can just stop reading. But if you do, then we’ll help you change your ways so can be Miss Congeniality.

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