Retro Pick: Cocaine Toothache Drops

I was cleaning some of the old files in my computer and found this little picture I used for one of my reports in an anthropology class back in college. It’s a report on whether our perception of good and bad and what’s safe and not are all constructs.

In any case, what I have here is a picture of a package for cocaine toothache drops (circa 1885). Yup. They’re made available as health stuff before the prohibition.

Cocaine Tooth Drops

How to Barbecue Safely


Barbecue is not just an excuse to binge on meat, it’s a lifestyle. Many a lawn is accented by the grill. Some barbecue fanatics even make it the centerpiece of their lawn. However, regardless of what grill you have (if you just have a simple grill or those Rolls Royces of garden grills), you still have to follow safety pointers. Avoid singed eyebrows and trips to the throne or worse, the ER. Here are some barbecuing safety tips.

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Mac Tips: Word Completion in Cocoa Apps on OS X

This tip has been around for a while but I think it’s a really nifty feature to merit a reposting. This works with Cocoa text editing engine that’s practically replicated across multiple applications. Pressing Option-Escape calls up a word completion drop-down that provides you with word choices. This was made available in OS X 10.3 and uses the system’s dictionary to function.

Word Suggestion

Image via Zannath

Tech News: Peeking into Google Maps Street Views

If it comes from Google, it must be good. Google Maps has just made Street Views available for a couple of cities for you to try out. It’s really amazing. However, it’s only still available where available. Just look at New York and San Diego. It allows you to access street level sights that you can view in 360 degrees with a few levels of zoom.

Barry Schwartz provides us with this video to see the thing in action.

Via Mashable

RSS Reading versus Site Hopping


I have a confession to make. I don’t really go visiting websites anymore. For the past month, I’ve just been using my RSS feed reader (Google Reader) for most of my daily reads and research.

Why not? It’s a very streamlined process to get the low-down on what’s new and fresh without the fuss of having to load. I used to have bookmarks folders for all my daily reads and open them all in tabs. Now, while I love Firefox, it is still a resource hog. And opening around 60 tabs will eat up a hell of a lot of RAM and bandwidth. It isn’t really a great option.

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Firefox Quick Tip: The Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

Life is one of those things that you can’t play through “God mode.” But at least in most computing chores, you can. Or at least have a cheat sheet handy. As for Firefox, yes, you can cheat and hack your way through most of the work.

I’ve been featuring mostly add-ons and tweaks here that I think I haven’t really finished creating a list of all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Firefox. Especially with the mouse shortcuts since I’m a self-professed keyboard ninja.

In any case, here’s the Firefox Cheat Sheet. It’s a comprehensive list of shortcuts from the general shortcuts, navigation, text display, and search shortcuts, and mouse shortcuts for mouse ninjas. It also includes location details and some tips and tricks for basic configuration.

If you want, here’s a downloadable PDF version.

Small Business Tip: Get a Down Payment


One of the dangers of business is collection – getting paid, especially with small business that do not have that large a capital to sustain operations. One way to curb this danger is to ask for a deposit or down payment for the service or product.

While it can be a turn-off to customers if handled badly, it’s an opportunity for cash inflow often missed. The money’s going to spent wisely anyway, either for securing products or funding initial expenses. This way, you aren’t spending your own money upfront.

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Paying Attention to Health News and Information


Sometimes we’re driven by these scary health news bits, especially when you six o-clock news delivered it with such passion and intensity that it makes you a hypochondriac. While most of these breakthrough news are important, be sure to be on your guard with these news items. It’s always best to weed out relevant and important information to those that may have been sensationalized.

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Health News: Drinking Apple Juice May Prevent Asthma


BBC News Health has this hopefully great news for kids.

Children who drank apple juice at least once a day were half as likely to suffer from wheezing as those drinking it less than once a month, it found.

Emphasis falls on apple juice and not on eating fresh apples since the studies showed that it was apple juice that helped to curb the wheezing symptoms.

…it was possible that ‘phytochemicals’ in apples, such as flavanoids and phenolic acids, were helping to calm the inflammation in the airways which is a key feature of both wheezing and asthma.

I used to have asthma as a kid and I know the burden of having to deal with asthma. And I was a pretty active kid back then. Too bad my asthma was also activity-induced. Imagine having to play soccer (okay, football for the rest of the world) and having a Salbutamol inhaler with you on the bench.

In any case, this is another reason to focus on living healthy. So, maybe the age old adage is true, “An apple a day…”

Firefox Quick Tip: Tweak Your Title Bar

Titlebar Tweak

Titlebar Tweaks offers a simple feature but it may suffice for those who want to further customize how their browser looks like without the hassles of going down to the level of code. It lets you do any of the following tweaks with your title bar:

  • Display the browser name before the page title
  • Display only the browser name or page title
  • Replace the browser name in the titlebar with your own text

If you’re like me who maximize tab browsing, then you may find having the page title an overkill since you already have the page title on your tab. So why not beautify your browser a bit and change it with your own preferred text. If you are a little vainglorious, maybe your name perhaps. Hehehe. A simple add-on for simple purposes.

Download Titlebar Tweaks here.