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How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet

I remember to have written this set of bike safety tips. One item listed there is to wear the proper protective gear. Perhaps the most important protective gear is the helmet. One head injury can cause you your whole lifetime. And a helmet is your insurance against that. Some countries have even made it a federal/national laws for bike riders …Continue reading →

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How to Reduce Noise at Home

Forget the slime in the waterways and carbon monoxide in the air or the tons and tons of trash that we’ve been accumulating as a species. Just in case you’ve been living in a box for the past decades, noise is also considered as pollution. And we’ve got noise just about everywhere. In crowds, in the streets, even at home. …Continue reading →

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Know Which Papers to Keep

Yesterday, I put up my list of papers to send to the shredder. I’m supplementing that with this list on the papers that you need to keep and file. This includes papers that are hard-to-replace.

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Firefox Quick Tip: Disable the Beep When Phrase is not Found in Find

A friend of mine just hates those little beeping error notices. I don’t know about you but for some, it’s like a rusty nail on a blackboard. With Firefox, you may find one of those beeping sounds when you the Find feature doesn’t get a match for your word or phrase string. It’s accompanied by the Find textbox going red …Continue reading →

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How to Install WordPress Offline

I’ve been working with WordPress offline for very practical purposes. It lets me try out themes without having to consume bandwidth on my web host. I just use it whenever I’m trying out my meager skills with PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. I haven’t really thought of letting others know how I do it until a web designer friend of mine …Continue reading →

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How To Record a Daily Podcast

Alex has already given us some great tips on starting up your Podcast, but what I want to talk about today is how to keep doing a Podcast after you start. I record a daily Podcast for Apple Gazette, and a a weekly Podcast for Forever Geek (both Bloggy Network sites). Recording a daily Podcast can be challenging. There isn’t …Continue reading →

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Small Business Tip: Target People Who Count

I’ve been involved with sales and marketing before and one thing that really counts is to always get to the highest levels of the corporate echelon as possible. While it is important to talk to middle managers and gain their support, it’s always best to focus on decision makers. If you’re a small business targeting potential corporate clients, always gun …Continue reading →

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WordPress 2.2 is Out

A lot of bloggers (including us here at LifeSpy) use the WordPress engine. I also use it for my personal blog. I just love its robustness and user-friendliness. It just keeps getting better with every release! And lo and behold, roughly 5 hours ago, WordPress 2.2 (nicknamed Getz) was rolled out. Here’s a list of goodies according to folks at …Continue reading →

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How to Improve Your Memory

I’ve already posted a couple of techniques before. Here’s one on a technique called chunking and another one using imagery. Now let me round up my set of memory improvement tips with this post and share with you a few more techniques on improving your memory. These do not only apply to students but a good memory can help you …Continue reading →

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Know Which Papers to Shred

Here’s a common scenario – file cabinets and work desk drawers are filled with all sorts of papers. Productivity can be hampered by such clutter. Besides, it’s a total waste of storage space. Here’s a list of paper stuff that you can shred and throw away.

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