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Parenting: Dealing with Your Child’s Allergies

Sick Kid

If you take your hay fever lightly, it doesn’t mean you should give the same attention (or the lack of it) when it’s your baby who’s getting the sniffles. All parents wish to protect their children; but against what exactly? When it comes to your baby, you just have to know.

No pets allowed. It’s sad but true: some kids are allergic to furry, very cute animals. A puppy, for instance can give your child runny nose and also some sneezing. Once you have recognized this allergy, immediately take your child away from the animal and wash his hands with antibacterial soap. You can also give you child a full bath to clean the hair and do away with the soiled clothes.

No to peanut-butter, please. An even sadder condition is when your child starts reacting weirdly to peanut-butter. Instead of enjoying the sandwich, your child complains of an itchy throat. This itchy throat can lead to difficulty in breathing, stomach cramps and even diarrhea. When this happens, call 911.

Your child has to undergo a medical evaluation so that you will know the nature of your child’s allergy, and maybe determine other foods he may be allergic to. This condition is known as anaphylaxis. Insect stings can also cause this allergic condition. Inform the adults who sometimes tend for your child like the people in school, at home, and also the babysitter so that all of you


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