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Pets and Parties

Party Pet

So you were thinking of taking your Chihuahua to this get-together next week. Good idea? Why not!

The thing with pets and people. Even though you want the crowd to adore your pet, you must first consider your pet’s reaction to strangers – does your pet seem uncomfortable when around several people? It might be best to keep your pet at a distance from the partying and noise. Keep it inside a room and leave some snacks, water and probably a litter box.

Don’t feed the pet. This policy should be observed by all people in the party. If your pet is freely running around the ballroom, the guests might feed him something harmful like alcohol and chocolate. Make sure you’re the only one who’s doing the feeding and don’t encourage guests who might want to give your pet a piece of any food.

Pets as guest of honors. You can actually host a party that’s all about pets! Invite friends who are also crazy about their pets. They’ll be more than happy to have a little show-and-tell. The good thing about having a pet party is that you can get more information on where you can avail pet products and accessories so you can take care of your pet better.


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