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Pets: Cat Facts from Around the World


What was that they say about black cats? That they’re bad luck? Well some say they’re actually good luck. What then, do we believe? We say take your pick at the world’s different takes on cats. And not the way. (Don’t get me wrong, I love that site.)

In some parts of the globe, black cats are favorite pets for the wives of fishermen because they believe these cats have something to do with the safety of their husbands when they’re out to sea.

There is also the belief that stroking a black cat’s tail gives good eyesight and can heal eye irritations. In some parts of Asia, a yellow-black-white cat means good fortune.

What would you do if a black cat crosses your path, follows you to your home, then enters your house? Well don’t freak just yet, because some people think this will bring good luck.

Ever seen a cat whose eyes are of different colors? People believe that this brings good fortune, too! It is also believed that having three cats each of a different color brings good luck to the owner.

You have a desperate wish? If you see a newborn kitten, make your wish. Some people believe that the wish will come true.

Thinking of giving a cat as a birthday present? It is believed that giving a cat as a present to a friend will break that friendship.

But most of all if you really want good fortune, then don’t ever kill a cat. This is against animal rights.


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