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Prioritizing Family Life


A successful person like you is sure to have a lot of responsibilities and appointments. You trained yourself to be highly-reliable for your boss and have set your eyes on a career you can have if you continue to be focused on your work. But do you ever stop sometimes to think that maybe you are setting aside more valuable things than your work like your family, for instance?

Being married to someone means that you should not only secure the couple’s financial stability so you can continually enjoy your lifestyle. Being married to someone basically means you have to be there for the person – physically. When you’re always at work, in the office, you miss out on important family matters. Of course work is important, but don’t make it your world. Earning a lot is sure to improve your family’s life, but don’t think that’s all you have to do.

Find a way to make sure that when you’re not needed in the office, you stay at home to be part of your family’s activities and take part in your family’s development. With the kids going off to college, of course you’re crazy about bulking up the family savings but aside from the school tuition, your kids also need your guidance.


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2 Responses to “Prioritizing Family Life”

  • I do completely agree with this article that it does mean more to be married than just making the money you need to be there physically for the other person. It is hard enough to be by yourself and deal with life and all the down falls of the day to day stuff but yet to add someone else and then to just hide out at work and make the money you end up losing more and more until you are alone and miserable.
    I have manic depression and engaged twice and I am a single mom with three children and I used to wonder why it never worked out but really I never have been involved enough to care and now I really see that I can’t just hide away from everyone by working.

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