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Protect Your Money After a Breakup


What happened about “conjugal”? Here’s what happened. The two of you broke up for good. Aside from physical distance and emotional separation, you should also be raking in your money which is rightly yours. Gone are the days of sharing because you are officially not a couple anymore. Don’t let yourself be dragged down to a financial problem caused by your ex’s spending. Protect yourself and your money as soon as you call it quits.

Know which accounts you have your name on. As soon as you break up, get a complete credit report so that you know exactly which accounts you’re responsible for and which accounts your ex is responsible for. Don’t be shy about clearing credit accounts. Since you’re not a couple anymore, each of you should be responsible for each of your spending.

Unauthorized user. Have his name removed from all the cards which you named him as an authorized user. You could do this without asking or consulting him. It’s your card, so you make the decisions.

Close joint accounts. You should deactivate your joint accounts to avoid future conflicts. Bank policies vary, but some credit institutions should allow you to close a joint account on your own.


One Response to “Protect Your Money After a Breakup”

  • Scott says:

    Very wise advise. My brother-in-law didn’t do this (he was still foolishly “in-love” and also thinking only about the DECENT thing to do).

    Guess what?

    He lost HUNDREDS of thousands. Yikes. YES, if she/he has exhibited any sign of leaving you, PROTECT your investments, secure your identity, and put safeguard measures on your joint accounts.

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