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Protect Yourself from the Cold with Proper Winter Clothes

Winter Wear

Now that winter is coming to town, the temperature gets more chilly so you have to protect yourself from the biting cold. Here are some preparations you can do to save yourself from the damages of the cold season.

Stow your flip-flops, sandals and even flimsy shoes stored somewhere because you’re not going to see them for a long time. Winter is all about boots unless of course, you’d like to get frostbitten. To keep your boots in good condition, spray a weather proofer so it will be protected against stains like soda spills or street dirt. When you do get stains on those boots, clean it with a soft cloth using this formula: white vinegar and a bit of water. Boots can also get damaged by salt, so you can use mink oil to soften your winter shoes.

Your winter wear should be prepared for the cold weather; that goes for all your family members’ winter clothes, too. You don’t lose your mittens but your kids’ lose theirs all the time. To prevent misplacing your gears for the cold, Store them all in one box so there will be only one place to look when you need them. Also, fold together the clothes that come in pairs so they don’t get separated. Got spare? If you have more than one pair of mittens, you can keep a pair in the car so you can always warm your hands when you forget the mittens you usually wear at home.


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