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Reasons to Have a Cup of Tea

Green Tea

One of the most common health tonics, tea, is just too good to be true. It has a strong flavor, it gives a good feeling in your tummy, and what’s more, it’s affordable! Our ancient medicine men have got it right all along that tea is a wonder drink — it is believed to prevent, treat and ease symptoms of various illnesses. Even our modern scientists agree! A cup of tea is good for you. Maybe you should rethink your soda consumption.

Detox. Some studies show that green tea prevents cancer. Tough antioxidants in a cup of green tea prevent cell damage which is connected to aging, cancer and also coronary heart disease. These antioxidants stop production of the enzymes which are known to produce the substances that cause cancer.

People who have a regular high intake of salt should be very careful with their health. Some studies have shown and proved that drinking a few cups of green tea lowers the chances of stroke and high-blood pressure especially among women. There are also studies conducted which have shown that green tea also fight risks of skin cancer. Some antioxidants in green tea have also been found to prevent skin from getting wrinkles (women, pay attention!). This discovery has been so important that some major makeup brands have actually added and adopted green tea ingredients in their cosmetics products.

Fight tooth decay. Green tea is also believed to prevent teeth from decay and serious damage. This is because of the rich fluoride content of green tea. It keeps your teeth strong!

Want more reasons? Some studies have also shown that green tea helps one lose weight. Now you’re interested.


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