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Relationships: Bilingual Love Affairs


Here’s one for those who’ve decided to spread the love internationally. So he speaks English and she speaks Swahili. Despite the fact that non-English speaking countries have been very progressive in their English Language acquisition, still it happens that some relationships have two people using two very different languages. But where communication is the essence to every relationship, what can be expected from a bilingual love affair?

Compromise. There will always be something lost in the translation but the most important thing is for two people in a relationship to agree to compromise by learning a language they can use to share their experiences with each other. Two non-native English speaking lovers, for instance, can agree to learn English together so they can communicate freely with each other. By doing this, they will be able to bring more meaning to the relationship as they get to talk of more things.

Culture consciousness. While the language barrier can easily be resolved, you must remember that there’s always a social dimension to things. Cultures vary and some might have some features that some other cultures might find quirky. Be sure to have a lot of understanding of these things.

Help your child with the adjustment. A bilingual relationship can get trickier when you have a child. Bringing up a child in a bilingual home will expose her to both of the parents’ cultures. Guide your child in learning both languages by avoiding errors yourself. Scientifically speaking, a child’s ability to acquire a language is higher than that of an adult. This means your child is learning loads just by being around you.


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