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Save Energy through Optimized Heating and Cooling


Poor insulation and improper heating and cooling installations can cost you a lot of pennies in electrical bills. Making sure that your heating and cooling system is optimized means that you wouldn’t be wasting that much energy just to keep you warm (or cool) and cozy.

Track drafts. Check the window and door frames if you feel any drafts. Even a 1/16 inch gap in your window or door frame can waste as much energy as having a whole sledgehammer head wreck a 4 square inch hole through your wall. You local utilities provider may have some service to help you find those cracks in your home.

Patch them up. Repair shingles. Caulk up seams. Patch up those tiny opening around pipes.

Get a programmable thermostat. It usually escapes your mind but you might not need to keep your temperature at a constant setting. Remember that trying to keep the room warm when its too cold outside means that you’re using a lot of energy to maintain the temp. With programmable thermostats you can set the system to automatically lower or raise the temp depending on your habits – raise it when you’re at home, lower the temp just when you get to sleep, and raise it again nearing waking time.

Get solar protection. If you live in quite a sunny place and would want to keep the temperature inside quite cool, be sure to apply some tints on window panes and glass doors. Unprotected glass can even magnify the heat even more.

To get your insulation prepped up for the winter, check our more post on insulating your home.


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