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Saving Tip: Get Cheaper Cleaning Products from a Janitorial Supplies Shop

Spray Bottle

This may be an issue again of bulk versus retail but I believe that purchasing cleaning items in bulk is always the better way to go. For one, you can really stock up on these things since you get to use them (unless your a slob who doesn’t do any cleaning at all) and they can be stored for a long time.

One way you can really save from cleaning products is to buy them from your local janitorial supply shop. You can easily locate one by searching directories or consult your ever-dependable yellow pages. These places sell most of the cleaning products bulk and cheap.

For example, cleaning solutions are available in large containers. While the size of the containers may scare you, all you have to do is to use the same amount that you use with your regular store-bought cleaners. Chances are these are just the same formulation. But just to be sure, ask the supply store for guides on use.

Or on the opposite but still cheap side, you might find concentrated cleaners instead. Those that need to be diluted in water but works pretty much the same as conventional cleaners. And they also come cheaper if you try to calculate the number of uses they could last.

Here you’d also find other cleaning implements like mops, brooms, vacuum cleaner bags that you would find at a cheaper price than your branded store-bought items.


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