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Search Engine Code of Conduct Being Developed

Now this makes me smile a bit, especially after criticizing businesses for their lack of social responsibility.

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft plus a bunch of non-government organizations are looking into the development of a Code of Conduct for search engines.

The parties involved said that they would develop a framework that would hold signatories accountable for their actions in the areas of freedom of expression and privacy right

This is great news indeed after the criticism made to search engines in curbing freedom of speech and seeming intrusions to privacy in collaboration with certain governments. A prime example of this is the Yahoo subsidiary that collaborated with the Chinese government in identifying political activists through online information. There was even this buzz a while ago if ever pre-crime a la Minority Report will ever flourish. Google apparently keeps track of search query and IP address information which can be disclosed to courts of law when needed.

It’s about time that web users could hold these web giants accountable against a code of conduct. Besides, we’ve been making them rich for so long and living in paranoia that they might sell us out anytime.

Thumbs up for this news!


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