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Should Companies Invest in Document Management?

In a recent study by Accenture, they find that information management is now a growing concern. Managers have way too much information that doesn’t get shared.

Information is critical for any business. Middle management are the ones often tasked to get relevant information to accomplish and deliver. Unfortunately for them, the process of finding information has become tedious and when they do, they mostly get irrelevant stuff.

The study cites that among IT managers, they find that information doesn’t get shared across departments. What they get are too much information that they don’t need. Manages still use their own computers and e-mail to store information and rarely shares or sends them out.

Now, why this miser-like culture, and within organizations in particular? Sometimes, lack of infrastructure can be blamed for this. Again, the study points out the lack of intranets and document management protocols can be reasons why information doesn’t get shared. And how about the human factor of office politics?

Companies rely on critical information to always be ahead of the game. And this is an issue that top officers should already be looking at. And getting rid of blocks and streamline the sharing of information is to critical the process.

Many IT companies have already created solutions for document management such as Microsoft SharePoint. An open source alternative would be Epiware. Another free web-based service that could be tapped by small organizations is Google Docs and Spreadsheets which allows real-time collaborative editing and sharing of word processed documents and spreadsheets.

There are always better and efficient ways to handle information sharing. It’s just a matter of choosing which information are critical among departments and making them priority information that should be made accessible to those concerned. Create a culture of collaboration instead of internal competition.

Maybe, upper management doesn’t realize it, but information is resource that, like money, should also be managed well internally.


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