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Six Tips to Enhance Your Health


Time and again, we here at LifeSpy encourage you to take care of yourself. Living a long and healthy life gives you a lot of opportunities to enjoy it. You can’t expect to enjoy a rollercoaster if you have heart ailments or enjoy basking under the sun because of skin disease. Here are six tips on enhancing your health.

  • Eat to be healthy. Eating to satisfy cravings or hunger isn’t eating for good health. More often than not, what you crave is not good for you.
  • Learn how to relax. It’s all about being cool and calm as Fonzie. People who take time for silence and contemplation gives gain that much needed boost of energy and purges stress away.
  • Be sociable. Lack of human contact kills the soul. So don’t be a hermit.
  • Wear sunscreen. Yup, Baz Lurhman’s indispensable advice. Here are more tips on protecting yourself from the sun.
  • Learn your family’s medical history. Many diseases can be hereditary. Diseases such as heart disease and diabetes can be passed down to generations. If you know that you’re a candidate for such diseases, better start living a healthy life and avoiding things that can complicate matters for you.
  • Brush your teeth everyday. Good oral hygiene can help you fight dental problems. Poor oral hygiene can even give you heart disease.

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