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Small Business Tip: Advertise to Your Callers


It may be a bit shameless for some, but hey, you can find advertisements basically everywhere – billboards, in between TV shows, football game photographer uniforms . It’ll only be a matter of time when we eventually get those personalized advertisements a la Minority Report. Here’s another neat trick that you can do.

If you have to put your callers on hold, instead of well-worn recordings of Für Elise or some other song, why not play back your own advertisement. Afraid that you have to spend much for the recording, well, you can do it on your own. If you have a computer, a simple microphone and a downloadable audio editing software. Just use a snazzy tune, a catchy plug (of services, discounts and promos) and have it run as a 30 second plug. All the purchase you need to do is purchase a call manager that can play back custom MP3 audio files.

So every time you need to put someone on hold, you can immediately make a sales pitch or inform them of upcoming sales and promos. Cheap, quick and easy. And you don’t waste anyone’s time.


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