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Small Business Tip: Market to Pre-Teens


In-betweeners, tweens, or pre-teens are getting a lot of attention from the marketing and advertising industry. These two market segments play a large role on the allocation of the family budget. Their influence is very strong that the buyer (which may be a parent or a grandparent), out of strong affection for them, would eventually give in to their demands.

For budding entrepreneurs who wish to target their business for young kids and tweens, understanding your market is a serious must. It’s not as easy as handing goodies to babies. Kids nowadays have more complex wants and are more articulate in expressing them. Here are some tips on understanding your market well.

Get to know your market. Although all of us have been kids once, it is not enough to draw ideas from your own childhood experiences. The culture of kids today is very different from your own. Money spent on market research is money smartly spent. Use focus group discussions, product placement tests and surveys.

Tell a good story. Kids love stories (not necessarily the cheesy and corny ones), especially ones that they can relate to. Spinning a good tale when introducing your product can help draw the kids’ attention and can facilitate better product recall.

Get in touch with your market. Children and tweens are now technology savvy. Use this to your advantage by advertising your product through television, internet or by cellular phone texting.

Get in touch with the parents. Since parents do the purchasing for their children, parents should also be informed about your product. Although your product is for tweens and children, it must be parent-approved. More importantly, it should promote the well-being of children. Entrepreneurs should be discerning and responsible in the messages their ads give to children.


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