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So You Want to Retire a Millionaire When?

So you want to know when you could retire a millionaire. Or you just might want to run up some numbers to find out, given these figures, when you’d earn you first million.

Your fruits from your savings investment are pretty much determined by your initial amount, your succeeding investments, and the interest rates. Another thing to consider is the inflation rate. Your million in 2020 might just be worth our $500k today.

If you want to find out just when and what it’ll take for you to become a millionaire, check out this Kiplinger calculator that let’s you know just that. No mucky math required. Just put in details and it lets you in on what you’ll do to become a millionaire at a desired age. It even let’s you in on your return value with the inflation rates.

I ran up the numbers and it’ll still take me some time to become a millionaire. No rush anyway, I just want to retire with an ample sum for Dom Perignons and Cuban cigars. Haha. If you’re a tightwad who likes putting a fair share of monthly earnings straight to that retirement fund, then you can all look forward to getting that million soon.

Via: Money Crashers (a LifeSpy sister blog under the Bloggy Network :D)


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