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Some Myths About Fat

With all the news and buzz about how cases of heart problems and obesity have risen over the years, fat became one of the “public enemies.” However, that amount of flak is somehow unjustified as our bodies do need some amount of fat. Always trying to go fat-free is costing you some of the good things about fat. Like what? How about fat-soluble Vitamins like A, D, E, and K.

You might say “Oh really, now.” Yes. So I’ve snooped around for some of these myths about fat and hopefully, dispel them for you.

  • Body fat is bad

    Moderate amounts of fat like 18-24% of total weight for women and 15-18% for men is still considered healthy. Stored fats regulate body temperature and aid the production and control of hormones.

  • Cholesterol is bad

    But you might have heard of “good cholesterol.” And that’s true, there is. The blood needs its cholesterol. But not in excesses. To lower your blood cholesterol, you might want to cut back on high-cholesterol food that also has saturated fat (meat, poultry and dairy). Excess can block arteries.

  • Weight loss = 0 Fat

    Sure, taking in 0 fat might lose you a few pounds. Well, this depends on your physician but 10% of your daily calories from fat is still acceptable. Plus, the best way to lose weight is through a balanced diet and exercise.

  • No meat = 0 Fat

    Even carrots and celery have very small traces of fat.

So there. You can’t avoid fat but you can sure cut back on bad fat.


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