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Spending Quality Time with Kids


Being a parent is a very arduous task. There’s no room for mistakes, and it requires a massive amount of patience. Kids are just a boxful of surprises. You don’t know what they’re up to most of the time. You only know you have your expectations, and when they don’t measure up, that’s when you get upset.

First things first. You have to acknowledge that kids don’t have it all figured out just yet. They are still trying to find out who they are. Help them become the best that they can be by spending quality time with them and discovering who your kids really are.

Just like you schedule your appointments and meetings, you should also use your planner to note the day when you will be spending the whole day or even an afternoon with your kids. Make them see that family time is as important to you as it is important to them.

Reach out. Kids are different these days. They are into pop stars, and Frisbee, and gadgets like PSP or iPod. You may have to plan activities which you know interests them so they don’t just see you as their parent, but as a cool parent. In some way, if they think you’re cool, their more likely to approach you when they need advice.


One Response to “Spending Quality Time with Kids”

  • Going2Oahu says:

    I enjoyed this article and I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s all about QT. Kids are busy with soccer, basketball, baseball, music lessons, video games and camp, not to mention school. Parents are overburdened at work and equally busy on weekends trying to hold lives together. QT—quality time—with children seems to be catch-as-catch-can. And pretty soon months have rushed by without the family having fun together. Thanks for a great article.

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