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Stressed? Stretch!

Stretching exercise

I know the feeling of just being stuck in your desk for a good part of the office day rushing some important reports or business plan. If stress has crept up on you, then you better relax a bit. But you’ve got not much time, right? How about thirty seconds?

Here’s one good stretching exercise I got from a stress management workshop I underwent some time back. Stretching is supposed to keep circulation going. The more oxygen the body gets, the less stressed you’d feel.

  1. Head for the nearest doorway
  2. Place you forearms against the door frame
  3. Slide your right foot forward.
  4. Now lean your upper body forward slowly. You should feel the stretch in your upper body
  5. Slide your foot forward a little more (like you’re doing lunges). That’d stretch your lower body.
  6. Now twist your torso to one side. Hold for three seconds. Now twist to the other side.
  7. Alternate your stance with your left foot and repeat the process.

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