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Teaching Your Kids Gift-Giving


Half the fun of the holidays is gift-giving. But while you’re busy wrapping gifts, your kids are waiting to receive more gifts. This season, teach your kids the value of gift-giving. It is not common for a child to be excited about giving than receiving. It’s one value they can learn from you.

The first step is to bring your kid as you go shopping for your gifts. Have him join the conversation that goes, “Don’t you think this scarf is perfect for Aunt Rose?”, or “Wouldn’t your father love this tie?”. This is one way of engaging his involvement and motivating his tendency for thoughtfulness. Do not discount his suggestions. If he thinks his father might like a cheap chocolate bar then by all means buy it. Then later on help him wrap it.

Make sure your kids are in the room when you give your gifts. The fun part of gift-giving is seeing the receiver’s face and the look of happiness and gratitude. It’s rewarding.

You can join a special outreach program and take your kid along. Ask him to go though his things and maybe donate an old toy or some books for less unfortunate kids. If your kid can see the living conditions in a poor community, he will feel a sense of kindness and caring.


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