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Tech News: Adsense Earnings Take a Nosedive, Summer Slump?

It seems that made-for-Adsense (MFA) blacklisting is affecting the rest of us earning from Adsense. Digital Inspiration reports of a seemingly across-the-board drop in Adsense earnings by publishers. Coincidentally this is happening during the time when Google cracks down on MFA sites.

Adsense publishers report that earnings per click (EPCs) are down. Clickthrough rates (CTRs) are down. Revenues are down. These are despite traffic and clicks being stable.

While I’m not earning large amounts from my own Adsense publishing, I’ve noticed this too. Well, at least mostly a drop in EPC. My case wouldn’t really be a good example but what’s more alarming is people who earn as much as dollars in the past now only get cents.

See these two forums threads where publishers share their takes on the recent drop – Nosedive and Freefall.

So what’s the reason behind this? A change in algorithm? The crackdown on MFAs? Or just a summer slump that we just need to ride out?


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