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Tech News: Google Shortens Cookie Life, Works on Privacy Issues

For tech newbies, cookies aren’t the ones that Cookie Monster devour with amazing gusto. They’re little files stored in your computer containing preference data when visiting websites.These little bugger has been a source of much concern from privacy advocates since information like default settings and search tracking can be stored in these files.

Google decides to shorten the lifespan (or amount of time cookies are stored in your computer) to two years. The catch? That is if you don’t decide to visit any Google service within those two years. Google’s cookies are originally set to expire after 2038.

Now how in the world will you not visit Google or any of its services for two years. I’m a die-hard Googler who uses most of their services – search, mail, RSS, docs… That probably means that Google has a long and detailed profile of my online activities as of now. And that’s why they’re rated worst in privacy.

In addition, Google is now anonymizing personal and search information after a given amount of time. They’re still trying to peg things from 18 to 24 months.

As for the cookies, you can always manually delete cookies anyway.



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