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Tech News: PC World’s 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007

Boo is the new Yey

More year-end lists as we prepare to flick another digit in our calendars. And here’s one by PC World on the 15 Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2007. As I’ve said with my take on Google Zeitgeist list, I prefer stat lists over opinionated ones. Hey, but who am I to prevent people? I might just be writing my own lists sometime in the next few days. And that wouldn’t stop critics from bashing my list, right? Anyway, on to PC World’s list.

15. Amazon Unbox
14. Municipal WiMax
13. Social Networks
12. Internet Security
11. Microsoft Zune
10. Wireless Carriers
9. Office 2007
8. Apple “Leopard” OS 10.5
7. Voice Over IP
6. The Broadband Industry
5. Apple iPhone
4. Yahoo!
3. Facebook Beacon
2. The High-Def Format War
1. Windows Vista

It’s quite crazy how PC World created and justified their list. As you can see, there’s a mix of specific products, product lines and even industry sectors that are included in the list. While the title “Tech Disappointments” would definitely include these, I would have expected a bit more organization and tightness with their list.

Office 2007 and Windows Vista (presumably all its flavors), Microsoft products, are inevitably in the list, with Vista topping it. We’re all Microsoft haters and yet, I am here writing this post on Office and Vista. The list doesn’t dish an all-out Microsoft hatin’ session as PC World decided that Apple’s Leopard and iPhone are disappointments as well.

Web 2.0 services, industry sectors, and technologies themselves aren’t excluded as disappointments. But I do have to ask what’s the basis for all the disappointment? Failure to meet the hype? Sluggish adaptation by the public? Dissatisfied users? Anyway, I guess we’re just a tough bunch to please.

Hey, we still have 2008 and the future to look forward to.


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