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Tech News: Sony Pushes for More Ground with Blu-ray Player Price Cut


The next-format wars rages still with Sony slashing $100 off their latest Blu-ray player. Their BDP-S300 Blu-ray player now costs a mere $499 which is around half of what their first players amounted to.

One of the biggest criticisms against Sony’s Blu-ray disc is the cost of their players as opposed to their high definition rival, HD-DVD. It seems that with this news, Sony cancels out that factor. Sony cites increasing demand and improving production costs as the reasons behind the cut.

However, this price is still around $200 more than what one has to pay for an HD-DVD player. Toshiba sells an HD-DVD player for less than $300.

While we still have yet to determine the winner of the HD wars, what’s important is that price is now becoming a non-issue. With this move, it’ll be more likely to come down to consumer preference.

Via BBC News


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