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Tech News: Windows XP SP3 to Feature Some Vista Goodies

I envy my friends who are still riding out the Vista wave, comfortable computing with their PCs and lappies still on XP. Quite honestly, save for one guy who’s running on a rig with a 5.7 Windows Experience Index, everyone’s doing just fine. Be it for daily office productivity, gaming, and the Internet, XP seems to be still good enough for the jobs.

Bill and Microsoft will be releasing Service Pack 3 for XP next year (and I really don’t know why since they plan to release Vienna in a few years’ time anyway). The news is that while it will address some much-needed upgrades and hotfixes, it will also include some new features borrowed from Windows Vista.

NeoSmart Technologies just leaked this information based on the SP3 build 3205 released for beta testing. These features include: Network Access Protection (NAP), a kernel module containing several encryption algorithms that can be accessed by third-party developers, and a new Windows activation model that doesn’t require users to enter a product key.

Still, these are all just leaked information unconfirmed by Microsoft.

Source: Computerworld


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