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Tech News: YouTube Now Has Multi-File Uploads and a 1GB Cap

YouTubeI wonder what YouTube is aiming at here. After being sued for billions and the developing its anti-piracy devices, YouTube now offers services that inspires people to just go beyond posting clips and short features. The services are now extended to multi-file uploads and files now have a 1GB cap per file.

But don’t think that you’d be able to rejoice with such news. If you think you’d be able to upload full-length features just because of the 1GB cap, think again. There’s still a 10-minuter-per-video cap. Thus, I don’t really get why the heck would they boast of a 1GB cap. I mean how large could a 10-minute video clip be. Unless of course, it’s encoded using uber-high resolution.

The multi-file upload page is only accessible if you install a small program (much like Google Gears). There’s only a Windows version available but a Mac version is said to follow.

Check out the multi-file upload page.


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