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Tempo: Your External Recycle Bin

Tempo External Hard DriveNow isn’t this interesting. And you have to admire how people actually come up with these ideas. Here’s Tempo, a concept of a 250GB external hard drive that automatically backs up everything you delete.

Some might think it’s dumb to actually have an external hard drive all for the purpose of playing the role of your Recycle Bin. But I have to admit that once or twice I wished that I had a similar buffer when I accidentally deleted important files. But hey, there are undelete utilities. The good thing about Tempo though, is that it can also function as a normal external hard drive.

While the function is quite debatable, it’s the design that makes this concept a killer. It’s shaped as a mini trash bin with a “recycle” sign emblazoned on the side. The real neat thing is that LEDs light up from the bottom all the way up as your files (both deleted and stored) fills the space, much like a real-world trash bin that gets visibly full.

Functionality remains questionable but the design, a killer.

Via Apple Gazette


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