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Three More Traveling Tips


We started out with this yesterday so here’s the second installment. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure you still have to be ready for certain things. What if your flight gets delayed? Or if your might need to take some documents with you? Or (heaven forbid) you did not pack enough underwear? Read on for tips on these things.

Airport delays. Layovers can ruin your travel mood. Instead of whining at the airport and getting yourself tired in the process, why not head for the salon or have coffee and a muffin while reading your favorite book? Staying at the airport will not only keep you in a bad mood, but it also wastes your time. Do something enjoyable instead, (noting how much time you have) like treating yourself to a pedicure.

Bring a USB flash drive. You don’t know when you’ll need copies of your important documents. Instead of bringing unnecessary papers you’re not sure you’ll be needing, take with you copies of them instead in the form of a USB flash drive. You can always head for the nearest printer when you need to have something printed.

Organize your bag. Especially the bag which you take with you during sightseeing. Don’t just stash your lipstick, face powder, USB flash drive, coins and emergency pins in your bag but rather get a mini-bag where you can put the small things which you might unknowingly drop when you dig for your hanky.

Oh here’s a + 1

Plan what you need for the day. You should know if you will be doing some laundry during your trip so that you won’t wake up one day and find out that you don’t have clean underwear or a clean pair of socks. Also make sure you got everything you need on your bag like your money, your passport, your keys, and your phone whenever you go out to explore the new place.


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