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Tips for an Effective Sales Presentation


Selling is not easy. To be an effective salesperson, you have to be persuasive so that you can talk your customer into purchasing your product. But customers are now wiser and are becoming penny-pinchers because of the need to save up. How can you develop your sales potential to be the very best in selling and make whopping profits?

Research. To be able to sell, you have to have knowledge of what your customers need. The key is to research information which will give you an insider’s view of your customer’s business so you can plan your sales presentation in accordance to their company goals and objectives.

Be interactive. What makes a sales presentation effective? What did you observe in your previous presentations? Do you take time to consider whether or not your attendees are intently listening to your every word? Presentations should not be boring. You should find ways to be creative so that your customers will find your presentation interesting. Otherwise, your whole preparation will be put to waste. When your presentation becomes interactive, your customers respond to your questions, and in the process, you generate information on their decision-making factors which you can use to achieve your own objectives, which is to sell. Can’t decide on how to engage them? The old AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) approach never fails.

Use images. When constructing presentation slides, it’s better if you could use pictures to explain your point rather than having all of the words that you are going to say plastered all over the slides. Remember, slides are only visual aids but it is still your show. The audience should still focus on your speech.

Be very comprehensive in your presentation. Before you start your sales presentation, tell your customers how long you will talk about your topic and how your agenda will help them grow their business. As much as possible be customer-centric with your words. Don’t simply focus on the product or service, concentrate on fulfilling their needs. Benefits would prompt action better than just citing features and specifications.

Practice. You may have the best presentation slides and accompanying brochures and literature. Still, nothing beats giving out an outstanding presentation. Be sure that you’ve also reviewed the facts and details of the product or service that you’re selling.

Avoid the sales killers. Here’s an old post on sales killers. These are five mistakes that you should totally avoid when working sales.


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