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Tips on Helping Your Child Decide on a Good College


A few months back, we featured this bit on how to afford college. Now supposing you have prepared well for your child’s college plans, it’s probably a matter of deciding where. The thing to remember here is how to help them and not how to choose for them.

Kids going off to college should be properly guided by their parents and counselors. College is a big thing for both kids and parents because this will greatly affect your kid’s future life and career. Help your child make the right decision by considering these points.

Program offerings. Different colleges have different cultures. Analyze which college can offer your kid the best education as well as the best culture. If your child is driving towards scholastic domains, choose among schools which produce the sharpest minds. The most important thing is to know your kid’s future plans.

College is more than academics. Activities such as sports competitions, social organizations, and other extra-curricular activities are also major considerations for college life. If you want to hone your kid’s skill in basketball, you can select among the schools which boast the best basketball teams. Then again, college may also be a string of beer and parties over sex and Cliff’s Notes. Help your kid get his or her priorities straight. Unless you can assure yourself that your child can be the next Bill Gates, being a college washout is not an attractive route.

Homesickness. Usually college means going away. Kids going off to college are going to leave the homes they grew up in and some of these kids are going to leave the homes they grew up in for the FIRST TIME. It’s not easy for them, although they might act cool about it. Discuss with your kid things like his vacation plans during school breaks. The more often your kid comes home, the more often you get updates on his college life.

Talk about it. In the end, the decision of the college should be based on your child’s best interests. You may think you’re doing them a favor when you’re doing all the work for them, but they will appreciate you more if you ask them what they truly want.


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