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Tips on Swimming with Contact Lenses

Swimmer Goggles

It’s summer and a lot will still be hitting the pools. A good number of those who will taking a dip might be wearing contacts. Swimming with them demands just a bit more care and precaution.

If you don’t need them, don’t wear them. If you can still sufficiently see without them, then don’t wear them.
Wear soft lenses. The larger circumference helps them “stick” to your eyes while swimming, preventing water from washing them away. Wear them at least half an hour before you enter the water. Hard lenses can easily be permeated by water and be washed away. Likewise, wait 30 minutes before removing them after your dip.

Apply drops. Apply saline solution to your eyes. This will lubricate the lenses and your eyes, preventing water from washing them away.

Wear goggles. It’s a bummer to lose your lenses so wear goggles to help prevent water from washing them away. Wearing goggles also prevents bacteria and other microbes from getting to your lenses. Here are some pointers on how to choose goggles.

Disinfect. Be sure to disinfect your lenses especially if you’re using extended-wear contacts. If you’re using disposables, better not take the chance and just replace them.


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