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Top 5 Sales Killers


Selling is a tough job. Believe me, I handled sales as part of my management training program and I’d say that it was the type of work that takes toll on you mentally and physically. A desk job’s any brainiac can do. But selling is a whole different ballgame. You’ve got to be a rather well-rounded person to excel in sales.

Here’s a great article by Tom Hopkins on his Top 10 Sales Killers. It’s a great article and here are my comments and some of my own points in the topic.

You’ve got to have a real foolproof plan with a lot of contingencies to close a sale but you only need one slip to lose you one. I’ve narrowed it down to Top 5 Sales Killers.

  1. Unprofessional Appearance

    Sales is one area where people read the book by its cover. If you don’t present yourself well enough, no one’s going to respect you. Ever wonder why salesmen are often the most well-resourced people in a company? You need to command respect and credibility and one way to do it is through looking neat, groomed, and professional.

  2. All Talk

    You got to walk the walk and talk the talk. Sales people really need to have the gift of gab. But sometimes they talk too much. Remember, selling is a two-way deal. So keep the communication two-way too.

    One thing that some sales people don’t do is to talk in their client’s lingo. If you’re penetrating a corporate client, then better engage them by dropping corporate jargon once in a while

  3. Not Building Rapport

    Some of the most successful people I know. And as one of my past mentors have always said, “Business is about building key relationships.” You will achieve something even from small talk. Touching base is really important. Win their trust and it’s a step into closing that deal.

    It’s usually from a good rapport that prospects will reveal key information such as their buying motives. Knowing will allow you to create better tactics down the line.

  4. Not Keeping to the Basics

    There are a lot of things that. Know their needs. Know how to position your product. Know whether the prospect is even capable of buying. Before investing time, you’ve got to do your homework and know whether this client belongs to your product’s market.

  5. Emotional Quotient

    Selling demands you to be tough. I’ve seen more than my fair share of breakdowns because of . There’s no room for ego too. Selling entails service. You’d get more than your fair share of prima donna clients so you have to know how to manage them.

Knowing these things will remind you of what to avoid during the sales process. Selling is real tough. But I know that most companies make sure the compensation’s (commission) pretty much worth it.


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