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Treat Publishing with Adsense as a Small Business

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Now as a follow-up to my previous post on the topic. I originally meant it as a cursory look at earning with Adsense, but since the post got a decent number of hits (thanks to David and our sister blog, Blogging Pro), I’m now making a follow-up.

You’re writing on your blog and you’ve got Adsense ad units strewn all over. Let’s face it, the end all and be all of posting ad units there is you want to earn. And you do have the potential to earn a few cents per click. And that, my dear friends, is a small business.

Perhaps one of the banes of Adsense publishers is not getting that simple fact. And, one of the big reasons behind not earning in Adsense is not pushing your site forward like a small business.

Read on to see my points on Adsense publishing and small business.

  1. Good Content is Good Product

    Much like any other business, your web content is the product you are selling to the denizens of Web 2.0. That’s why there’s so much emphasis on uniqueness and originality. But this is quite a difficult thing to do. Getting to write original content is like inventing a flying car and getting to sell it to everyone at the price of a used Chevy Nova. But once you do, then it has the potential to sell like hot pancakes.

  2. Good Products Don’t Really Sell Themselves

    Now take the idea of the flying car. What if you just small sign at the door of your garage with the words “Flying Car for Sale,” just that and nothing more. Now your product may literally fly but will your sales be able to do so? Fat chance. Why? Because, you’re not getting the word out properly. Ideas are useless unless shared and consumed.

    No leading product in the market today is in that dominant position without investments in proper marketing and advertising. And just like Ahmed’s claim in Tech Soapbox, you should take the effort to get the word out that your site and ideas exist.

  3. So Better Build a Business Plan…

    Thus, as you can see, there’s much into Adsense publishing that meets the eye. It’s not just a matter of blogging and blogging and putting up ad units. You have to think of long-term strategies and have daily tactics to get your readership up.

    Here’s a previous post on starting a small business. You might get a few tips on these, particularly, on focusing on market segments and niches. It’s best to know where to take your fight in the midst of the existing competition out there.

  4. And a Good Marketing Communication Plan

    From there, you should think of ways on promoting you writing. Nothing beats going old school. Ahmed’s style of e-mailing is as old school as anyone can get online, but it worked!

    So here are some old school marketing strategies that you should keep in mind and develop a good marketing communication plan.

Remember, design your site well, write good content, and get readership up. That way, you’re maximizing, from there, it’s all in your reader’s clicking finger whether you earn a few cents or not.


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