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Web Raid: Make “Valid” Excuses with Corrupt Files

File Destructor 2.0Hehe. Now here’s one site that helps you justify the time you spend slacking off. Give that lame “My dog ate my homework” a Web 2.0 twist with File Destructor 2.0.

While you can always claim that Windows chewed your homework as an excuse for a night with the boys, your girl, or with your Nintendo Wii, File Destructor actually gives you the file as proof. It’s a web service that can automatically generate “corrupted” files ranging from Office documents (.doc, .ppt, .xls) to image files (.jpg, .png, .bmp) to an assortment of other possible files for submission (.mov, .swf, .mpg…). It even allows you to put in the file name and the file size for the file.

And it actually works. Create the file and download. Try to run it using the default program and it will display a corrupted file message. Now this is hard evidence that you can actually use.

Say, a 100KB Word file can pretty much justify a 30 page paper. Send it to your professor or boss as proof of your “hard work” then you can always have Windows to blame for the mishap while buying you just a few more hours to actually do the work.

Check out File Destructor 2.0 here.


One Response to “Web Raid: Make “Valid” Excuses with Corrupt Files”

  • Marcolete says:

    Ah ah ah this fun killer application just saved my ass with my colleague… that is even worse than the plague… best application ever to save your ass and give you so much time to drain booze, have fun with wii and/or chicks!!!

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