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Web Raid: Search Lyrics by Singing or Humming with Midomi


You just got to love Web 2.0 and the slew of web apps that’s sprouting all over. Ever wondered what song is playing in your head but all you can recall is the melody. That sucks especially if you can’t even string a few words in the lyrics to Google. And if you’re obsessive-compulsive, you might even lose sleep over it. Darn.

Well, yes, there now poses a solution to that dilemma – Midomi. It’s a song/artist search engine that uses a Flash-based interface to let you record you singing or humming to a song’s melody. The engine then compares this information with its database of song samples and show you the match or approximate matches. All you need is a microphone and a Flash-enabled browser to get this feature. The results will give you show you the song title and the artist so you can just Google on from there.

And don’t you worry, it (somehow) works even for a person who really can’t belt out a tune like me. How? While the engine references your recording to part of the original, there are also sub-recordings made by users just like you that the engine also refers to. And it’s a good thing some of these recordings are made by less vocally-gifted people so even if you sing or hum off-key, chances are the engine will pick it up. Just look at my search result. It zeroed in on the exact song I was singing!

It’s also a good time waster just trying out if the engine will pick up parts of the songs you’ll sing.


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