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Who Said IE7 is Beating Firefox?

The grand game of numbers and statistics. Of market shares and user choice. So who’s the top dog in the browser battle? Still, Internet Explorer, baby. With around 4/5 of share in the US, Firefox has a long way to climb to take the title of King of Browser Hill with around 14%.

But being a Firefox fan, am I bothered by these figures? No. And it’s not that I even play favorites when putting up browser tips here on LifeSpy. Heaven’s, no! It’s just much easier to discover good finds in the sea of Firefox add-ons rather than with IE7. And being something of a web designer myself, Internet Explorer is hell to design for. A lot of web designers would agree with me on that. But those advantages don’t really convert to stat points for Firefox.

We can’t blame people for having Internet Explorer set by default on their Windows machines. And IE7 is a hell of a development from that crummy IE6. And some of the “new” features of IE7 does negate the advantages of Firefox.

While experts say that Firefox’s climb is leveling off due to IE7, then it’s pretty much a valid market trend. Still, I’m happy for what my browser of choice has done. The fact that it’s standing up to a giant is enough reason for me. I just can’t wait for Firefox 3.


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