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Windows Tip: Expand Your Context Menu Features with the Shift Key in Vista

As always, Windows can be a sneaky bastard. While, by law, all the OS’ features should now be documented, there are still some features that are hidden from plain view. Like the context menu for example. If you’re just a regular user, you may not have thought of using modifier keys with your right-clicking. In any case, here’s an example of how you get more context menu features just by combining the right-click with the shift key.


Pressing the shift key when right-clicking on folders adds two features.

Folder Right-Click

  • Open Command Window Here—Once selected, it brings up the command line with the folder as root.
  • Copy as Path—Allows you to copy the path of the folder. The path starts from the drive letter.


As for shift + right-clicking on files, you get three features.

Right-Click File

  • Open As Read Only—Best option to prevent accidental editing of documents
  • Pin to Start Menu—Allows users to add any file to the Start menu
  • Add to Quick Launch—Allows you to add a link to a file or program on your Quick Launch bar

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