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Windows Tip: Find the Old Display Properties Options in Vista

Windows Vista PersonalizationWindows Vista changed a lot of things from XP making the new Vista user quite in the dark when it comes to finding features and options that he/she has gotten used to in older Windows versions. One such feature is the Display Properties. If you right-click on your desktop wallpaper, you might confused where that old Display Properties went.

For Vista, you get the “Personalize” option in the context menu. This replaces the Display Properties of old and here’s the lowdown on the options:

  • Window Color and Appearance – Change the color of windows. Has a nice collection of color sets to choose from. Even has a color intensity slider.
  • Desktop Background – Default wallpapers can be boring so customize your look with this.
  • Screen Saver - Pretty much self-explanatory. I’m not a big fan of screen savers so the default works nicely for me.
  • Sounds – Previously hidden with Control Panel, now you can easily change the way emptying the Recycle Bin sounds through this option. Still pretty much the same, though except for its availability in the Personalize window.
  • Mouse Pointers – If you want to change your how your mouse pointer looks, this is your menu. Again, I’ve a default fan.
  • Themes – Lets you switch between Windows Vista Basic, Standard (Aero), and Classic. So if you miss the old Windows 98 look, fire up Windows Classic by all means.
  • Display Settings – The same old display settings that lets you tweak the resolution, DPI and monitor/desktop layout.

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4 Responses to “Windows Tip: Find the Old Display Properties Options in Vista”

  • Still DONTgitit says:

    Yeah, ok! I still don’t get it! I need ‘display properties’ no ‘display settings’! Trying to find my video card! HELLO?? MCFLY? ANYONE can give better directions than the shmuck who wrote this POS?

  • BigRyan says:

    Um… Click the button that says “Advanced Settings” on the Display Settings page… or maybe this guy wants the device manager. Anyway all the tabs or still there they are just split up, into seperate pages. here is a pic.

  • Reinhold says:

    I have a problem with e newe Vista installation. When I want to do the old “ALT+the character code (on the numeric keypad)” for special characters, I get a flash display on the screen , dividing the whole screen into 1, 2, 3 or 4 sub-frames. How can I get back to normal?

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