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Windows Tip: Gather Clutter in a Temporary “Basket” for Sorting

Clutter in your PC is also one of the things that you should reduce. But in the rush of all the work that you’re doing, you seldom get to have the time to sort out all of your working files. Whenever I used to have tight deadlines with a lot of documents involved, my desktop used to be so cluttered with mess.

Eventually, I need some breathing room and I have improve my computer’s functionality. That’s where the sorting begins.

For such chores, I use Piky Basket, a freeware utility that lets you gather up your files in a “virtual basket” so that you can just move or copy them all at once into a certain location.

It saves you time, especially when sorting out files for backup, sorting, and burning. It just stays as an item in your right-click menu for use. Otherwise, it doesn’t use up your precious resources. It also lets you copy file paths to the clipboard. You can also launch a command prompt from any folder. nice additions for advanced users.

Download Piky Basket here. It works for Windows 98 to XP.


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