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Windows Tip: Get Rid of Duplicate Files on Your PC

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate files can take a lot of space in your hard drive. And as always, a cluttered hard drive can be a pain. Defragmenting helps. But if there’s just too much data in your hard drive, even defragmenting can take a long time.

Here’s a simple freeware download that would help you clean up junk from your PC – Duplicate Cleaner. It’s got the ready features that you’d like to have in a file searcher. It features fast scanning and accurate duplicate comparison. And it’s got quite flexible in terms of search parameters.

What I like about this app is that it deep scans your audio files (MP3, WMA, OGG…) so that you can weed out those duplicate audio that you have. And believe me, many of us may have much of these duplicate MP3s. It really helps in organizing your music library.

Caveat: Windows and other applications have commonly named files so take extra caution on what you’re getting rid off. In any case, Duplicate Cleaner lets you view timestamps, size, and path information. Plus, it automatically protects Windows system files. Still, it pays to put some extra attention to those files you’re ridding your system of.

Download Duplicate Cleaner here.


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