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Windows Tip: How to Convert Analog Video to Digital Format

Everything’s going digital and it’s one of the most efficient ways of storing data. Ever had one of those old VHS or analog camcorder tapes eaten out by mold? Nasty. Here’s something that you can do over the weekend in an effort to save your old wedding video before mold gets it. How to convert analog video to digital format.


  • PC
  • Analog Capture Card (you can find prices here)
  • Sound card (some capture cards has their own audio input)
  • Cables
  • VHS Player/Camcorder
  • Capture Software (Windows Movie Maker 2 can do this)


  1. Hook up your capture device to your computer
  2. Turn on your PC, install the drivers
  3. Hook up your analog player to your capture card with the cables
  4. Load your capture software
  5. Set the capture options (video and audio)
  6. Start the capture process
  7. Start the playback on your analog device
  8. Once the analog device has finished, press stop
  9. Stop the capture process
  10. Save the video

Remember, you capture card merely records the signals that comes from you analog device. If the footage is blurry and choppy, it’s probably because of aged tapes or dirty video heads.

Here’ a more detailed step by step process:


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