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Windows Tip: How to Examine and Compare Your Fonts

If there’s another thing that Windows doesn’t let its users do is to compare fonts. Sure, you can pop open the Windows Fonts folder and double-click on the font files for a preview but it only shows you a few details. You can also launch Microsoft Word and check out the fonts via the Fonts menu.


Here’s a freeware that goes beyond the simple features that Windows have – FontPage. This app lets you view all the fonts installed in your system. So what makes it a bit more special? Well, for starters, it lets you view the fonts interactively – letting you choose a preview text, with an option to change the font size, preview them in bold, italic and underline with a few “3D” effects. I lets you compare two fonts too side by side.

I think this is a helpful tool for those who are font collectors though I wouldn’t know if graphic artists and designers would still be keen on using a tool like this.

Download FontPage here.


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