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Windows Tip: Playback Multiple Video Formats

A lot of friends have been asking me, how was I able to playback all sorts of video files from Real, to Quick Media, to DivX, to Windows AVI. I tell them it’s a matter of having all the necessary codecs (coder-decoder) in your system. These are small internal tools that allow your media player to interpret media types.

Maybe it’s just a case lazy computer user syndrome (imagine having to download all of the different players from Real to Quicktime but here’s a quick way to have everything in your system all at once – a codec pack. There are a lot of different codec packs available for download but so far, the K-Lite Codec Pack has been able to do the job.

Installing it will allow you to view all the above mentioned video formats and more. It comes with an assortment of tools like bitrate calculators and other encoders. It even features its all-around media player – Media Player Classic. It comes in different flavors (Mega, Full, Standard, and Basic). And it’s free!

You can find more information on features and download here.


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