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Windows Tip: Reclaim Space by Hiding the Ribbon in Office 2007

After a week or so of dealing with Office 2007, I’ve started to be settle with the Ribbon thing. The Ribbon is Office 2007′s replacement for the layers of toolbars that were previously found in 2003 and older. While I do miss the novelty, it now has struck me that the Ribbon has made it more efficient for me to access tools and whatnot.

Other people simply hate the Ribbon. To each his own, but I guess one of the reasons is because the darn Ribbon eats up too much space. I can’t imagine having this thing on any computer running on anything less than a 1280 x 800 screen resolution display. I’ve tried it on 1024 x 768 (which a lot of people still use) and it’s cramped as hell.

Well, at least Microsoft gives you a keyboard shortcut to display and hide the Ribbon in a jiffy. And it’s the magical combination of Ctrl + F1. Just press to hide. Then press to enable. A great way to reclaim space. And it even makes Word 2007 look like a no-nonsense text editor. Just see here:

No Ribbon


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One Response to “Windows Tip: Reclaim Space by Hiding the Ribbon in Office 2007”

  • Brad Isaac says:

    Thank you for the tip. On my laptop which has a huge display the ribbon looks pretty good. But my desktop with the square screen and not so good resolution, it does eat up a lot of space.

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