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Windows Tip: Run Applications from the Start Menu in Vista

Run Start Menu

Okay, I’m now trying to be optimistic and look for some positive sides on being a Vista user. And I’ve found one.

I remember in XP and with the previous versions of Windows, I usually used the Run line to launch some of the system applications like Notepad or Calculator. Forgive me if I’m not a big fan of a cluttered Quick Launch toolbar but I guess that’s how I do things. The problem with this, however, is only the apps in the Windows system are accessible via the Run line. And it’s one improvement they’ve put in Vista.

Now Vista has this “Start Search” bar in the Start Menu. It works like a smart suggest search field but instead of just searching through indexed files, it also searches items already in your Start Menu. For example, you can just type”note” and a shortcut to Notepad appears in the Start Menu ready for access. So no more keystrokes to open the Run line and just minimal keystrokes to “quick search” for the app (or document) that you’d like to access.

Convenient. Yes. For keyboard ninjas, you just have to press the Windows key and start typing. Your cursor’s automatically focused in the “Start Search” field.


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